Moran Lahat - VP Human Resources

Moran Lahat

Moran has over 8 years of experience in key HR management roles and is responsible for Comsec Group’s Global Human Capital strategies, practices policies and operations. 
A seasoned HR executive with profound understanding of the Cyber security arena, Moran brings with her a true added value in identifying, recruiting and retaining Comsec’s experts.

Moran joined Comsec Group in 2013, initially in charge of recruitment. She successfully expanded her role to other areas of responsibilities, as well as developing and cultivating new hiring practices. Moran is responsible for many HR initiatives over the years, and introduced numerous new tools providing better cross-organization HR services. She is also a true people leader and is passionate about building and promoting thriving cultures and work environments.

Prior to joining Comsec, Moran worked a few years in the aviation sector. In her most recent role she was responsible for recruiting and training.

Moran holds a B.A. in Sociology & Political Science and an M.A. in Political Science and Government (specializing in Public Policy & Administration) from the University of Haifa.