Nadav Shatz - Managing Director, UK

Nadav Shatz

With over 17 years of experience with Information Technology and Cyber Security, Nadav brings a broad set of skills and experience in various platforms and disciplines.

Nadav’s background covers a wide range of technological areas, from Mainframe computing, through Cloud environment, Mobile and Networking, to Products, Solutions and Emerging Technologies and Trends. In the Security Industry, Nadav’s skills include Design and architecture, Security Testing, Compliance and Risk, Security Management and Strategy as an architect and leader of global and local leading organizations’ Information Security programs.

Nadav combines his Technological Leadership skills with an extensive record of business development and management, leading and managing business units and departments to excellence by developing and implementing Go–to-market strategy, Designing and evolving Service Delivery, directing Policies and Objectives.

Prior to joining Comsec, Nadav has served as an IT and Cyber Security Professional Services Manager on several positions in the Public and Private sector, leading project and delivery teams locally and across the globe.

Nadav joined Comsec in 2011, and prior to his position as Comsec UK Managing Director, served as the Head of the Global PCI and Payment Security Division in Comsec Group where he has established Comsec’s PCI and Payment Security Service Delivery and professional programs.

As Comsec UK Managing Director, Nadav is responsible for devising strategies and policies for Service Delivery, Product and Services, and Go-to-market strategy.