2018-Comsec is re-branding!

Over the last thirty years Comsec has grown, evolved and reinvented itself many times to successfully adjust our offering to the ever-evolving market demands. Our new brand reflects who we are today and symbolizes the changes and significant growth that Comsec experienced during recent years.

Our newly created graphical language is here to express our vision as being creative, innovative and visionaries in cyber security. In a continuously evolving world where cyber threat actors are constantly developing new tactics and techniques, we must introduce new ways to achieve cyber security resilience.

It is time to retire our beloved 30 years old logo that served us well and welcome our fresh new logo.



The new Comsec logo portrays via the first two letters; vision, protection and infinity!!!

•    Vision – the shape reminds us of glasses that symbolize a fresh and different view on cyber security.
•    Protection – the shape resembles two rings linked-together to form a chain which reflects our mission to safeguard and protect the cyberspace.
•    Infinity – the shape is also associated with the infinity sign (∞) which reflects an infinite out-of-box thinking and innovative way to support our customers against adversaries. 

In order to be innovative, to think out-of-the-box and find successful solutions that nourish cyber security resilience, we must ask questions, the right questions. That’s exactly the reason why we decided to have a question as our tag-line.

We look forward to working together with you, side-by-side, asking the right questions and providing the right answers to reach an adequate cyber security resilience for your organization.