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May 2017


"Are you a victim or a master of your fate?" Gil Cohen, Comsec's CTO


Tamir feldman, Comsec'c COO, was interviewed to Gabi Gazit's radio show, following the massive attack "WannaCry", on 12/05/2017

January 2017


"Next generation DDoS attack"

September 2015

July 2015


Small business major risks

December 2014


Comsec has certified The Phoenix Insurance Company for the PCI DSS standard

February 2014


Comsec has completed PCI DSS certification of "Pelephone", which became the first mobile telecommunications company in Israel to become certified


Ami Braun, VP cyber solutions, explains the significance of events that undermine an organization's business continuity

October 2013


Comsec research team, led by Moshe Zioni identified security hazard at one of the CyberArk's product

September 2013


Moshe Zioni was interviewed about the threat from the Syrian cyber arena, 1.9.2013, ISRAEL Tech

Moshe Zioni was interviewed about the threat from the Syrian cyber arena, 1.9.2013, ISRAEL Tech

Moshe Ishai shared with readers what Yom Kippur symbolizes for him, 8.9.2013, The people, 8.9.2013, Yedatech, 9.9.2013, Softnews , 10.9.2013, RS-IT , 11.9.2013, Talniri , 15.9.2013, Seci, 15.9.2013, Scooper, 15.9.2013, Grey, 15.9.2013, Reader, 15.9.2013, Portal-Asakim, 15.9.2013, News1, 15.9.2013, Prcenter

August 2013


More news from the press conference held last month, Talniri, 2.8.2013

More news from the press conference held last month, Talniri, 2.8.2013:
Moshe Zioni wrote a fascinating article immediately after the FBI struck the Darknet of TOR.
Yediot Ahronot, 6.8.2013:,7340,L-4414187,00.html
Ma'ariv, 6.8.2013:
Seci 9.8.2013:
Israel Defense, 11.8.2013:

Another publication about the article on using mobile devices  as a payment channel, written  by Lior Mazor, NFC Israel, 8.8.2013:

Moshe Zioni discovered and disclosed a server security flaw in SAP SNC. which has been recently corrected by SAP GmbH, Seci, 12.8.2013:

Israel Defense, 12.8.2013:

Moshe Zioni has written an article about security aspects of a VDIimplementation related to Israel Defense, 27.08.2013:

July 2013


An article written by Lior Mazor, Security consultant in Comsec, about the payment method using mobile device:

An article written by Lior Mazor, Security consultant in Comsec, about the payment method using mobile device:

On the 14/07 we had at Comsec a press conference attended by ten reporters.
During the event we unveiled our  tools for providing responses to growing cyber-threats.
Moshe Ishai, Shiran Kleiderman, Moshe Zioni and Shay Zalalichin introduced  Comsec's activity, the ComSimulator, the DDOS simulation and the Cyber Intelligence Hub. Here are the Publications from the event:

Moshe Ishai explains the need for exercises and simulations on the following video at Arutz Sheva:
Hebrew version:
English version:

Moshe Ishai explains what is the worst case scenario organization on the following video at SECi You Tube:

More publications from the online media:
The people
Hebrew version iHLS:
English version iHLS:
The Times of Israel:
Telecom News:
YedaTech :
PR Center:
Portal Asakim:

June 2013


Downloading content from the Internet can sometimes infect your computer with a deadly virus that could disable your system

Downloading content from the Internet can sometimes infect your computer with a deadly virus that could disable your system. Or Nir wrote a guide about the best ways to defend against this, NRG, 23.6.2013:
Also at Facebook, AllmediaPR 30.06.2013:
Moshe Zioni warns about a virus that is spreading via email and causing spam, Ynet 19.6.2013:,7340,L-4394625,00.html
Also at Bulletin 20.6.2013:
Moshe Ishai, was interviewed about the latest allegations concerning the internal Federal Government-operated spy network discovered in the U.S. He brought to the attention of viewers the extensiveness of the operation, which is apparently found to be employing thousands of expert "Cyber Fighters" both on the defensive and offensive side of the barricade. Erev Tov Israel, channel 1, 09/06/201318:31:
Erev Tov Israel.
Comsec's Cyber ​​Academy- First cyber Course graduation P.C,  5.6.2013:

May 2013


The Daily Tzipi wrote about Nissim Barel and Shiran Kleiderman's latest interview on Dutch T.V.

The Daily Tzipi wrote about Nissim Barel and Shiran Kleiderman's latest interview on Dutch T.V.  / 02.06:
This interview was also published on 2 Facebook Pages:
1. The Forum for Information Security and Communications
The group's name is: AllTech- Hi-tech Connections and you can join it via the following link:
2. The forum for connections in Hi-Tech
The group's name is: הפורום לאבטחת מידע ותקשורת and you can join it via the following link:
On the 25.05 Anonymous planned another cyber-attack on Israel.
Comsec's predictions proved to be correct and once again no real damage occurred.
Shay Zalalichin and Moshe Zioni published a general "do not worry" notification before the attack in the media:

Comsec's Senior consultant Or Nir has appeared on the Ynet Online News Channel. The interview focused on "whether Israel is in danger of being attacked by hackers who can abuse top priority military and civil systems via the internet and by this cause collateral damage by means of cyber warfare". In conclusion, Orr Nir has stated that "Israel, being under constant cyber threat, is always ready for cyber warfare, and is unlikely to face collateral damage from online hackers, as its mission critical systems are not in any apparent danger" / 26.05 Take a look:,7340,L-4384320,00.html

Moshe Ishai speaks of the different dangers in the online digital banking arena, to Globes Magazine 01/05/2013

Comsec's Cyber Labs analyze the recently discovered Java weaknesses for Israel Defense Magazine:

April 2013


The international computer hackers group- Anonymous, threatened to "erase Israel from the Internet" in a massive coordinated attack that occurred on 07.04.2013.