Awareness Training

Organizations globally acknowledge that one of the most important elements to a successful security program is an effective employee security awareness program. Comsec's Awareness Platform analyze user actions and record human anomalies, through a passive learning process of the users themselves.

Awareness Training

The Challenge
As security technologies can only provide partial protection, organizations globally encourage and acknowledge the need for employee security awareness.
Even though the importance of this issue is well-known and proven, typically security awareness training in an organization is focused around annual security awareness training, concluding with a signature from employees affirming they have read and understood the policies.

However, this approach is limited in its nature and does not effectively maintain a high level of awareness amongst all employees. These programs have little impact on employees “Top of Mind” security behavior. It is just another formal process, “We did it last year” approach. Retention rates are low and ongoing awareness is not fully achieved.

Our Approach
Comsec Awareness solution, “B-Aware” is currently the most targeted method to maintain and measure employee awareness.
Containing a rich library of security scenarios, you as the CISO, can sample and monitor the awareness amongst employees at their workstations within the organization, with minimal interference.
It is also flexible in that it allows schedule changes to be made. For example - don’t bug the finance team during quarter end. The solution is easy to deploy, dynamic and centrally managed. Once scenarios have been sampled within the organization, data is translated into a report providing insightful conclusions regarding organization level of awareness.


Product Benefits
Comsec provides a wide range of services that can accompany your organization to prepare and respond to the evolving cyber security threats, including:
• Transparent deployment in network
• Comprehensive library of security events built on real life experiences
• Configurable operation plans – customized to office core hours, sampling of a specific branch, etc…
• Multi-leveled and audience-specific scenarios - we consider organizations naturally differ in their awareness level, and offer diverse events, tailored for a variety of audiences.
• Comsec, continue to expand scenarios, develop and deliver new events for licensed customers.