Architecture review

Architecture review is an interview and document-based process for finding security flaws in network topology or the overall technology environment.

During the review, Comsec’s cyber security professionals use their experience to analyze the risks in the environment compared to industry common and best practices.

Comsec will then provide actionable recommendations to reduce or mitigate the security flaws and risks.


Comsec Service

Comsec’s approach to delivering the services includes the following key phases:

• Review the architecture documents and diagrams

• Interview key personnel

• Review relevant policies and procedures

The result of the review is a detailed technical report backed up with the executive summary which aggregates the observations and provides a high-level view of the environment in subject

Client challenge

Clients often have little time to market and cannot afford any holdups before deploying systems into production. Comsec offers an architecture review service that allows you to review your current security posture and point out any security gaps and potential breach points before deployment is necessary.

Comsec Solutions

This service may apply to a future system or current one in which we interview key personnel and system owners to better understand its architecture. We also review relevant documents and network diagrams to get the full picture of the environment.

After the initial assessment Comsec processes the collected data and provides a full report that reveals security flaws in the architecture of the system, security gaps in its connectivity to other systems and provides you with actionable recommendations to mitigate these gaps. 

Why Comsec

Comsec has vast experience backed up with a proven methodology for conducting architecture reviews within a variety of organizations and industries.

About the Team

Comsec has a dedicated Infrastructure team of senior consultants with IT and integration backgrounds and have invaluable knowledge in networking, systems, security controls, etc.

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