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As a trusted partner of our customers we are committed to excellence and impartiality, leveraging decades of professional services deliverables.

In order to maintain our industry leadership position we continuously search for cutting edge tools that complement our holistic and exhaustive methodologies and services

Talos Consulting (Pvt) Ltd, was founded with the vision of adding value to the local industry through well constructed consulting solutions designed for success. Led at the helm by a team of expert industry professionals, Talos Consulting boasts of a portfolio of projects each enabling client businesses to rise above the familiar and scale to meet the global opportunity ahead of them. Today, a fully fledged consultancy, Talos specializes in providing data backed actionable insights to businesses and working collaboratively to formulate and execute winning strategies.
CYBERYG provides professional & completely personalized cyber security solutions to support organizations’ defense array and to ensure their business continuity. CYBERYG has rich experience in developing global connections and building bridges between companies and organizations by introducing them various products and providing customized solutions.
Forcerta was established in 2016, focusing on reducing the infornation risks and improving the competition for companies who use technology intensively in their businesses. Forcerta, aims to address these goals with the best solutions in the world which are also easy to deploy and easy to use. With the higly experienced consultant team, Forcerta creates local business value with global solutions, with ease, with speed.
Cybercriminals either target computer networks and web applications or use these to advance other criminal activities. Magix assesses and manages the cyber threat, giving you visibility of how vulnerable your business is to attack as well as providing you with proactive response, awareness training and prevention services to address attacks when they occur. We also provide governance, risk and compliance services to prevent breach of regulation.

The Datenlotsen Informations system GmbH supports
universities and other educational institutions with solutions for digital educational organisation and administration within the Campus Management area.
Campus Management System and the core product of
Datenlotsen. CampusNet® is already in use by more than 70
universities of all kinds and sizes in Germany, Austria and
Switzerland to implement an efficient and service-orientated
university administration system.

Self-Learning Cyber AI
An immune system for all your digital environments
Darktrace’s world-leading AI for cyber defense is analogous to the human immune system – it protects against novel threats, mounting a preemptive response, rapidly.
The Enterprise Immune System understands your organization’s digital DNA – and is relied on by thousands of organizations worldwide to stop even the subtlest of attackers.

MetricStream is the market leader in GRC. Through our enterprise platform and cloud software, we enable enterprises across industries to drive exceptional business performance based on a foundation of good governance, trust, and integrity.

In order to protect your organization, you need onsite expertise and insight that only comes from in-depth experience. Our unmatched Research Lab capabilities are infused with an insider’s perspective from the attacker side and have been honed by defending systems at the national level. MAG Tech’s team of experts utilizes cutting-edge in-house cyber tools to help ensure your protection from all potential risk.


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