The Grave Leap Forward

We’re witnessing an unprecedented surge in the number of people infected by COVID-19 during what will probably be coined the most notorious pandemic of the

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The art of phishing

The one vulnerability for which there can never be a patch, update or new anti-virus is that which is human. We can install the latest

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The Road to PCI Compliance

The Road to PCI Compliance If your organisation stores, transmits or processes credit cards you will probably have to meet some requirements of the Payment

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GrandVision Case Study

“What differentiates Comsec team from the rest is its speed of working, agility, and business-enablement focus.” read more about our satisfied clients About the client

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Comsec is a market-leading QSA company operating in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. We help our clients achieve compliance by adopting a pragmatic and

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Comsec is aware many of you are modifying the way your organization works in order to fit the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions.

We made special arrangement to support our clients remotely during this challenging period and we urge you to contact us today to discuss remote cybersecurity service delivery to maintain business continuity.

Stay safe and protected: