Cloud Security

Comsec’s Cloud Security services provide a framework to ensure that your data residing in the cloud is safe, both at rest and in motion. Our framework takes into consideration risks that are specific to services deployed on public and private cloud platforms, and is able to deliver an environment that is resilient to cyber attacks.

Services deployed on a private or a public cloud might be subject to attacks carried out by internal and external hackers.

Our Cloud Security services include two main phases:

1. Cloud architecture review – this phase involves key personnel in your organization to walk through design documents together with us, to identify architecture and design security issues. The deliverable for this part of the assessment: we will provide high level recommendations regarding security gaps found, lack of security controls, and security risks in the way cloud services are deployed and integrated with your environment.

2. Cloud hardening review – this phase includes a hands-on security review in order to reveal security risks found in cloud and cloud-based service configurations. This phase validates the actual implementation of cloud services in your organization. The deliverable of this activity: a detailed technical report with specific recommendations to remediate risks or to enhance the security level of the environment and the data.


Why Comsec

Comsec’s service consists of a multi-angle review of the platform, taking into consideration business requirements, business goals and various compliance requirements for cloud-based services. Comsec has been performing such assessments since the introduction of cloud-based solutions and has gathered vast experience by helping our clients in various industries.

Consumer Problems

Cloud environments have become the common choice of modern organizations for deploying their new services and for migrating their existing services to. It provides a cost-effective and flexible approach for most of the use-cases. Cloud environments are delivered with highly mature levels of security and a large number of security features that can be implemented to further enhance the security posture of the deployed service or application.

Cloud based environments introduce new types of security risks that did not exist in the traditional on-premise environments. To be able to secure the data residing with cloud service providers and to comply with domestic regulations, organizations must be aware of the risks and of the ways to mitigate or reduce them.

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