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Cyber Health Check (Cyber strategy work plan)

Nowadays, CEO’s, CIO’s and CISO’s understand the importance of addressing the cyber-security threats to their organization, but many of them have the challenge of assembling a cyber-security strategic work plan.  Often, they won’t have mapped their organization’s risks and don’t know their organization’s real cyber-security level.

A Cyber Health Check will provide your organization with a holistic view to more accurately focus resources and address business risks in a cost-effective way, through the adoption of a prioritized approach. The review will enable you to develop an integrated work plan for cyber-security and form a cyber-security strategic plan that will be in-line with existing and future business drivers.


The Client Challenges

The main challenge organizations face today is they lack a clear cyber-security risks and threats map, resulting in difficulties establishing a cost efficient and productive cyber-security work plan.

Comsec Solutions:

Comsec’s Cyber Security Health check will provide your organization with a clear understanding of your cyber-security posture, and assist you in establishing a prioritized and cost-efficient cyber-security work plan to increase your organization’s cyber-security level.

Our Service


Comsec’s cyber health check is focused on understanding your organization’s business risks and threats, and on providing a snapshot of your organization’s cyber-security level.

The health check focuses on five main subjects/phases:

1. Mapping the relevant threats, platforms and assets

2. Security review of the infrastructure & design

3. Application Security Review

4. Analysis, report & presentation

Comsec’s team will interview key personnel, review policies and procedures, network diagrams, and if needed will review specific system configurations and more.

Having collected all the necessary data, Comsec professionals will analyze the data, and provide a detailed report reflecting the organization’s cyber-security risks, threats, and in general its cyber-security posture. The report will be constructed using a prioritized action items approach to assist the organization establish both a short and long term cyber-security strategic work plan.


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