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Hardening Review

Organizations might implement security hardening procedures based on common security practices and security best practices. The implementation of hardening procedures might conflict with the requirements of the deployed application for its proper work.

Hands-on security review for system components such as servers, workstations, network devices, security products and more, can reveal security risks in partial implementation of the hardening procedures.

Description of our Service

During the hardening review assessment, we will walk through your network implementation and the product’s device configuration in order to locate security risks deriving from unsecured configuration. This assessment will provide you with drill-down low-level recommendations to better secure your devices and components and to raise the security level of the entire network.

The review takes the applications’ special requirements into consideration, and makes suggestions for implementation of compensating controls to remediate the risk that might arise due to the partial hardening implementation.

Why Comsec

Comsec has performed thousands of hardening reviews on hundreds of devices for our clients worldwide. Our methodology is tested, validated and is constantly improving over time. We are confident that we can deliver the best service covering all security issues in a cost efficient way. Our recommendations are suited to your environment and to the security requirements for the reviewed product.

Consumer Problems

IT and integration teams implement systems, network and security devices in order for them to provide the functionality they are supposed to provide. This does not always take into account the organization’s requirements for security of the implemented product. We, as security experts, can assess your systems to reveal security gaps and provide recommendations to remediate risks and enhance the security provided by the product.

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