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Readiness for Privacy Protection Regulations (Data Security) 5777-2017

Comsec’s GRC consultants have both fluent knowledge and understanding of the regulations as well as experience with dozens of organizations from different markets. As such, they can explain it in accordance with the customer’s business activity and the organization’s assets, technology and core business processes.

Aside from delivering the project, it is very important to us that our customers obtain the knowledge and understand the requirements.

No less important is the fact that our customers are happy to work with us! We create a pleasant environment for engaging and working together.

Our senior consultants are all involved in the Information Security industry as lecturers, researchers and at conferences, and contribute to the definition of national regulations and methodologies. Comsec is one of the leading and most influential companies in the industry.


Consumer Problems:

Acquiring the knowledge needed for an organization to comply with regulatory requirements can take a tremendous amount of time and effort. An expert consulting company such as Comsec can save your organization from struggling with an unfamiliar domain, shorten the time taken to achieve compliance, and significantly reduce the resources that would be expended if trying to do this alone.


With our guidance, your organization will be able to identify, organize and manage the assets, processes and procedures needed to comply with regulation in a cost effective manner. Comsec has the right team of experts and proven methodologies to guide your organization through the compliance process.


– Clarification of the regulation requirements for your organization’s business

– Assistance with registration of databases.

– A comprehensive registry of core business assets, hardware, software and

– Conducting a data security risk assessment.

– A gap analysis compared to regulatory requirements.

– A gap mitigation plan to reduce or resolve the risks.

– A set of supporting policies adapted to your organization.

– Employee awareness and education.


How long does the preparation take?

 3 to 4 months

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