Red Team Training

Learn to hack your own work through Comsec’s unique Red Team methodologies, refined over many years of experience

Many organizations aim to secure their applications and networks through basic penetration tests, which only allows for a partial overview of their readiness to real-world attacks.

Because penetration tests are limited in scope, resources and time, they do not take into account the wider security ecosystem. In contrast, a Red Team acts as a mock attack team aiming to challenge the entire security landscape of your business for more holistic insights.

Red Teams can be costly to hire, so teaching your employees how to take an offensive approach on their own work can save you time, money, and improve your overall awareness of security.

What Comsec’s Red Team Training experts can teach your business

Comsec’s Red Team training workshop will teach your team an offensive approach to test your business’s entire security ecosystem. By gaining a deeper understanding of the environment, technologies, and attacking methodologies involved, your in-house Red Team members will be effectively skilled to deal with complex situations.
We are confident that our tailored training sessions, as described below and carried out by Comsec’s team of experts, will help to improve and maintain a high degree of security for your organization needs.


Intractive theoretical lectures and hands-on lab. Length: 3 days

  • Network reconnaissance
    • Port scanning
    • Vulnerability scanning & targeted vulnerability scanners
    • Network scanning
    • Web app scanning
    • Information gathering & network enumeration
    • Network & protocol-based attack vector – services
  • Exploitation
    • CVEs
    • Misconfiguration
  • Privileged escalations
  • Lateral movement techniques & automation
    • How Kerberos Works
    • Attacking Kerberos
    • Pass the hash
  • Wireless attacks & defenses
    • Sniffing
    • DoS
    • Masquerading
    • Rouge AP
  • Hands-on lab – Dominate the Domain

Over 30 years of cybersecurity experience

  • Comsec is trusted by over 1,000 clients including Fortune 500 companies
  • Our international offices ensure quick response times, any day of the week
  • Work with enterprise-level, certified professionals with top-tier credentials
  • Find solutions quickly based on Comsec’s gold-standard Isreali cybersecurity expertise
  • Comsec is certified as a QSA for PCI-DSS, PCI-PA, and HIPAA compliance and is a lead auditor for ISO 2700 standards

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