Solution Evaluation

Make the most informed decisions on your security solutions guided by Comsec’s experts with over 30 years of experience

The world of cybersecurity is complex and ever-changing. With new security solutions being promoted from security giants to small and innovative startups, deciding which solutions to implement can be daunting – especially when the consequences of poor decisions can be severe.

Comsec’s team has spent over 30 years evaluating security solutions in order to help clients make the best decisions for their business. Our experts provide a completely objective and professional evaluation of solutions for your business which can:

  • Increase the confidence of your management team with fully vetted, and completely objective solution decision
  • Align on the best KPIs for your decisions based on your business needs and Comsec’s best-in-class security experience
  • Improve the overall security of your systems, networks, infrastructures, and applications based on your specific business needs

How Comsec’s Solution Evaluation experts help your business

Comsec’s team have spent over 30 years evaluating the merits of various security solutions across multiple industries and technologies.

Our comparisons span two different approaches – theoretical and hand-son. The theoretical approach takes into consideration publicly available information which is compared against KPIs, whereas the hands-on approach also includes a technical verification in our labs alongside a Proof of Concept deployment and comprehensive deep-dive into the products. Both approaches generally follow a similar process:

  1. Research. First, our experts perform a market review of each solution in order to research any publicly available information pertaining to the products, their features, and their capabilities. Resources may include websites, product manuals, white papers, and so on
  2. KPI Definition. Secondly, our team will work with you to define KPIs that serve as focal points of the evaluation. Each category of KPI will be assigned a different weight depending on your requirements and preferences. In some cases, our team will help you arrive at the most appropriate KPIs based on our market experience
  3. Verification. We will then compare the suggested solutions against the defined KPIs and rate each component based on its technical and functional merits. For hands-on reviews, we will conduct a full Proof of Concept which demonstrates the technical capabilities specifically for your business.
  4. Analysis. All information gathered during the verification phase is analyzed and processed in order to gain deeper insights for the comparison. At this point, our teams experience across industries and technologies over 30 years is incredibly useful.
  5. Report. Finally, we will provide a comprehensive report with a detailed summary of the solutions and their score based on the mutually agreed KPIs

Over 30 years of cybersecurity experience

  • Comsec is trusted by over 1,000 clients including Fortune 500 companies
  • Our international offices ensure quick response times, any day of the week
  • Work with enterprise-level, certified professionals with top-tier credentials
  • Find solutions quickly based on Comsec’s gold-standard Isreali cybersecurity expertise
  • Comsec is certified as a QSA for PCI-DSS, PCI-PA, and HIPAA compliance and is a lead auditor for ISO 2700 standards

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