Solution Evaluation

What is Comsec’s solution evaluation service?

The cyber security solutions market includes a plethora of players in a variety of sub-market segments from IT giants to young and innovative startups. Many organizations need to decide which security solution they should implement in order to mitigate a risk, a threat or a compliance issue. Comsec’s solution evaluation service provides objective and professional evaluation of one or more solutions. We perform technical and functional evaluation in our labs by performing hands-on capability testing. Comsec provides a focused and detailed summary based on KPIs defined by the client.

Service Description

The solution evaluation service provides a detailed review and comparison of security solutions based on the client’s definitions. We provide two types of evaluation:

Theoretical evaluation – in this type of evaluation, we verify each solution’s capabilities based on publicly available information. This evaluation will take into consideration several information sources, such as white papers from the company’s website, reviews performed by independent researchers, market position and more. The information will be verified against KPIs as defined by Comsec and the client. A summary report will be delivered with specified references.

Hands-on technical evaluation – in this type of evaluation, Comsec performs technical verification of the solution by running a Proof of Concept (POC) deployment with the vendor in our lab environment. Hands-on testing is performed by security professionals, experienced in the field of technology being tested. We verify the technical maturity level of the solution (for example: detection capabilities of custom malware for endpoint protection solutions), required management effort, setup and implementation efforts, and more, based on KPIs as defined with the client.

Our general methodology consists of the following main steps: 

Market review and positioning – during this verification we search for information available online about the product features and capabilities. This can be white papers, one-pagers, marketing websites, product manuals, etc.

Define KPIs – along with the client, we define the categories for evaluation. Each category will have a different weight, based on the client’s preferences and requirements.

Verification against KPIs – in this step we verify and rate the solution based on its performance during the testing.

Information analysis – the information gathered will be analyzed and processed in order to better provide insights and valuable review.

Conclusion – a summary report that provides each solution’s final score based on performance and weight as defined in the previous steps.


Why Comsec’s solution evaluation service?

Mutual definition of KPIs – Client requirements are combined with Comsec’s experience in the security market.

Objective and professional judgment – Comsec is a consultancy firm with a record of over 30 years experience in the field.


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