“What differentiates Comsec team from the rest is its speed of working, agility, and business-enablement focus.”

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About the client

GrandVision is a global leader in optical retailing and delivers high-quality and affordable eye care to more and more customers around the world. The high quality eye care offered by GrandVision includes a wide range of services provided by its vision experts, prescription glasses including frames and lenses, contact lenses and contact lens care products, and sunglasses both plain and with prescription lenses. These products are offered through its leading optical retail banners which operate in more than 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. GrandVision serves its customers in over 7,000 stores and with more than 37,000 employees which are proving every day that in eye care, we care more. For more information, please visit

Client challenges

GrandVision has grown rapidly in the last few years, together with the on-going and constantly-changing market that keeps demanding for new platforms and innovations. Those have introduced many new cyber security challenges and risks and we needed a true cyber security partner that is familiar with the industry and could answer both our technical and governance needs, while keeping up and delivering the job fast and on time.


How Comsec helped

Even though our time-to-launch was short Comsec was agile and fast, and gave us the best service in consideration for our time table.